Barry Martak Photography | Saturday Matinee Show
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Kiss Cam Prior to Show-1Kiss Cam Prior to Show-2Fox 13 Intro to Show-1Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-1Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-2Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-3Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-4Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-5Kurt Bestor & Wesley Bell Ringers-6View from the First Tier-1View from the First Tier-2View from the First Tier-3View from the First Tier-4View from the First Tier-5Art Viewing Art-1Relaxing at Intermission-1Todd Sorenson & Michael Dowdle Chillin-1Kurt Bestor Ready to Enter the Stage-1Drums Awaiting Mr. Eric Valentine-1Eric Valentine Ready For 2nd Half-1

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