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My day started very early in Francis, Utah, with my first shots of the buck at around 5:35 AM, June 29. It was a 10 hour day shooting at Francis, Woodland, Mill Hollow Reservoir, Soapstone Pass, Mirror Lake Highway.
Old Cabins in Francis-Utah-1Old Cabins in Francis-Utah-2Old Cabins in Francis-Utah-3Cattle Shoot Sunrise-1Field of Past Dreams-1Old Cabins in Francis-Utah-4Old Cabins in Francis-Utah-5Barn in Francis-Utah-1Buck at Early Sunrise-1Buck at Early Sunrise-2Deer Grazing in Francis- Utah-1Deer Grazing in Francis- Utah-2Deer Grazing in Francis- Utah-3Early Morning Buck Social Gathering-1Early Morning Buck Social Gathering-2Early Morning Buck Social Gathering-3Early Morning Buck Social Gathering-4Early Morning Buck Social Gathering-5Buffalo in Woodland-Utah-1Buffalo in Woodland-Utah-2

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Don Trowbridge(non-registered)
Very nice pictures Barry. Thanks for inviting me to have a look.
Marc Christensen(non-registered)
These are beautiful shots of my hood Barry. Thanks for sharing.
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