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I was headed to another location to shoot. I saw this road and thought, what the heck. The first 4 miles were paved, the last 5 miles were dirt road. Rose from about 4,700 feet to 7,500 feet. The views kept getting better and better. Midway up I heard a noise and thought it was deer running from hunters. No, it was too wild chickens running out of the trees.
Steller's Jay in Rock Canyon-1Steller's Jay in Rock Canyon-2Hen Crossing the Road-1Rooster Strutting His Stuff-1Rooster Strutting His Stuff-2Rooster Strutting His Stuff-3Old Wood Fences-1Old Wood Fences-2Old Wood Fences-4Old Wood Fences-5Mt. Timpanogos-1Mt. Timpanogos-2Provo Canyon-1Provo Canyon-2View of Utah County-1Old Wood Fences-3Rock Canyon Fall Colors-1Rock Canyon Fall Colors-2Rock Canyon Fall Colors-3Rock Canyon Fall Colors-4

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